Music flowing through me

Assumption: Creativity is natural when the channels are not foggy. That’s my belief. A belief is a belief, because we don’t REALLY know. I believe we don’t REALLY know anything anyway – at least not the answers to the big questions such as how come a cell divides, where do we come from, who are you, what happens after this and why …

To create something “new” is not reading, studying and ruminating it with different words. And yet, it seems like it’s always the same anyway: Human condition repeating itself in 5000000 ways. The play of duality.

I am experiencing this creativity phenomenon intensively since 5 years with music: It feels like “receiving” song lyrics and rhythms from some extraordinary “space” and my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body is the container to pour it in in order to pour it out again with my very momentary vibe.

Serious Fun!


I’m tired of all that superficial kindness everywhere and people acting out their bullshit on people who DO care.

And I am the first one of those who can’t say no, open and friendly with NO boundaries just as dump as some “superhero” from the Gym.

Blow that, blow that, please blow that with a whole lot of love
Blow that, blow that, please blow that with a whole lot of love

It’s stupid to copy idols from TV and follow dogmas of “authorities”- and stories- as incontrovertibly true.

How can we believe that all we are thinking is really true, knowing that all that bullshit got there in the first place by copying all we see.


It’s more than crazy projecting wishes and dream into some others, blaming the world for your shit and at the same time, not getting your ass up, not moving it.


….surrender , surrender, surrender to the magic behind all existence

Thank you for listening to what I had on my chest!!!!


released March 12, 2022 
music by Javier Esteve


all rights reserved

#creativity #coaching #expression #music #spirituality #humanity #conditioning #personaldevelopment #belief #knowingness #musicproduction #artist

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