3 Easy Life-Coaching Steps to Stop Old Stories Run your Life

Feeling easily triggered by something occurring around you? Here is how to release the trigger of that pre-installed button, so nobody can push the button anymore... Read more at http://thewalkingguru.org

De-Stress Tool or The DANGER of Words

Words have a frequency.Frequency is vibration. Vibration influences the whole being. Take music: Did you ever experiment with the influence of classical music on you? Or binaural beats? Or techno? Are you aware of the effect of music on your system? As soon as you are aware of what is, you can change it. The [...]

Life-Coaching: How to Be Self-Confident

On an exploration trip to the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica, the first thing I find is a Slackline right on an amazing Surf Beach. I love to watch Surfers and slackliners for hours. It's about going with the flow. Enjoying life. Being here now. It's about my "business" as a coach. Soon, I check [...]

How to Stop Feeling Stuck?

Retreating oneself from daily routine can be transformative. http://thewalkingguru.org

Feeling low. Feeling good. Feeling what is.

To feel good, it takes to dare to feeling what is...

How to exercise more

Stop focusing on what keeps you from doing what you want and get into your power

Life-Coaching: Reactivate Ressources

A story about reactivating resources to help find out: Is Coaching for me? How effective is coaching? What can coaching do for me? How do I get into my own power? Does Online Coaching work?

The Colors of the Rainbow – Coping with feeling low

Red, orange, yellow, green blue, indigo and violet are the colors of the rainbow. That’s what we believe in the West. In reality, there are endless colors or wavelengths. Some are not to be seen by the human eye by natures, others are too similar to neighboring colors and can’t be differentiated by the human [...]

Life-Coaching Special: The Power of a Morning Ritual

How did you manage to resist the Power of a 5 to 10 minute Morning Ritual for so long?

Life-Coaching Special: Magical Elevator Exercise for flat belly and great posture

No, it's not a yoga asana, it's just imagination, concentration and regular practice. Anywhere, anytime. Nothing special required. You can do it standing, sitting, even walking...   If you want to get a #flatbelly get a #betterposture gain #corestrength prevent #lowerbackpain tune the muscles that hold the abdominal organs and feel more centered .....   [...]

Nurturing Seeds or Why Knowing too much can limit Healing

What you actually can DO to optimize healing?

Facing the Shit – a Way to Happiness?

You think you could be happier? What does it take to be happy?