Find your spark! 

Did you ever ask yourself  “Now what?  Is This It?”,   after reaching another goal or stepping stone?

Tired of the treadmill syndrome, being “successful” and yet not enjoying it? Hopping from goal to goal without a sense of fulfillment?
Missing real fun in life? Or even using alcohol, food, work or drugs to not having to face and feel it?

Great! Time for a change before the body collapses and forces the change. Opportunity to finally discover your Spark!

Life is a process, not a destination! Needs change, priorities change, systems change. In order to succeed, we need to learn to create and live the change we want. We need to learn to replace resistance with motivation. That starts with communication with your “inner voice”, holding on, listening, feeling, gaining clarity, overcoming triggers, letting go of old stories, using problems as chances for change.

Focus on your life path, where do you come from, where are you going to, where are you right here and right now?  What is your present state of mind? Face an honest status quo. Find out what is really important for you today. Discover what makes your heart beat higher. Also the small stuff.

If you are mainly a brainworker, it requires some sensitivity and time to move from thinking what you want to feeling what you really need.

Coaching facilitates the change process to ensure you reach the goals that are right for you.

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