Something new coming up…


Looking at this amazing sunrise the other day, I remembered that all that would happen that day depended on what I made of it. What will come up on a new day depends on the quality or state of my mind and the according emotion going with it: Joy? Fear? Anger? Frustration? Happiness? Trust? Doubt?

It is certainly not always fun that is going on in my mind! That mind can be a bitchy thing if not used in a certain way. What do I mean by “certain way”? If I don´t give direction to the mind, the mind takes over like a “monkey mind” and makes me jump my attention from one thing to another.That is why I do practices of Walking Meditation and other mindfulness “games”. Many times the monkey mind tends to jump into conditioned habitual turns, pretending to protect me or to make sure to keep me safe. In reality, it checks all the boxes, what could be wrong, what could become a danger, a list of never ending “I should”s  versus “choose to”s and stuff like that. Once detected, the monkey mind can be tamed, simply by deciding what to focus on. Well, sometimes, the monkey insists to keep control, but it gets tired at some point.

I like to focus on joy or happiness. Happiness “without a specific reason”!

It is like an improv game. You go into the day with

  1. No expectations
  2. No judgments
  3. Just observations

All you do is observe what happens, without attaching judgment, free from expecting outcomes. Playing this game more often, makes it easier and easier to just tune into a positive vibration without the need to have some expectation fulfilled, item purchased, goal reached. That allows a pleasant baseline to the overall feel of the day. You do what has to be done and are at ease with what is. And no worries: you won´t lose your goals or direction just for not worrying for a day.

The whole idea is to focus on what you really want, not, what you don´t want. This game won´t necessarily increase the sales numbers of a sales rep instantly, but he or she might win positive long term relationships (including customers) by simply being at ease and nice.

Check it out and play or simply enjoy the sunrise 🙂

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