Washing the Laundry in the Coffee Machine

You can’t wash the laundry in the coffee machine

Manuela Stoerzer

“What the heck does that mean?” you think. Obviously, you can’t do the laundry in the coffee machine!!!

It’s simple: just as obviously as the above example, you can’t solve emotional matters by thinking alone, nor vice versa. These two “building sites” are each for something specific for a good reason. Thinking gives clarity, provided it is not emotionally charged, feeling gets energy going, unrestrained, provided it is not silenced by rationalizing. Imagine you can think clear and have loads of energy to use in a specific matter it you stop trying to wash the laundry in the coffee machine!

Obviously! you think? Believe it or not, there is hardly a customer in 22 years, myself included, who doesn’t forget that sometimes.

Wishing you a tremendously lively day xxx

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