Directing Anger into positive Energy

We all know this feeling: some new information results in a wave of anger in our system. It feels like an internal explosion, a rush of red energy type thing not only raising heart rate, but also expressing rage in mimic and gesture…

So what do we do with this reaction? Stay angry and mad? Or direct this energy flush into a constructive outlet. Going for a brisk walk when angry and transforming the emotional energy into physical workout is a constructive way to cope. Get your mind clear and your body worked out and come home relaxed and detached from the original trigger. Enable yourself to take a wise reaction to the trigger situation coming from a calm mind rather than blindly react like controlled by an auto-pilot. I bought my son a boxing sack and he had great results – detaching and then solving the issue in a more relaxed state.

If we manage to step away from a situation, detach and look at that situation from a distance after having spent being physically active, our mind works much betterEvery day is a good day for a change



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