BE yourself – Balance free by Nature

What has Being yourself to do with WALKING?  A lot!

6 weeks back home friends ask me if anything changed due to experiencing 3 months of jungle and Ayahuasca medicine ceremonies (see last posts)   Yes, it has:

Life feels much faster, I am even more sensitive to subtle stuff, much more aware of energies, more discriminating of what feels right and what not, learn to take emotions as guidelines to direct me rather then being run by them. Also, learn what people to spend time with and when to say NO. As a consequence I can’t just follow the old habits of a quick thinking mind and a body trying to run after it, hahah….  It is definitely not easier than before, however, I am not a slave of thinking or surroundings, but in charge, free to choose. Here comes the next challenge: I used to think: What is the right choice? Is it ok, to just choose whatever you want??? Does that make sense? Does it have meaning? Is it safe, financially secure or stable? Now, I simply ask: does that decision increase or decrease my energy level, does it bring joy or suck energy? As soon as I don’t do that and follow the old habit, I cut myself off the flow!

I clearly notice how negative thinking and talking of others infect the “field” and slowly learn how to stay in my own vibration without totally closing up. Also, “planning” does not work like before anymore. I am certainly able to book a flight and plan the arrangements around the trip, make appointments etc. however, things change quickly and if I did not feel totally OK about a decision from the beginning, it more and more happens it is not working out. Again: being aware, connected with your  intuition is essential. Asking: what is the intention behind this decision? Am I feeling it or twisting arguments around in the mind?

Exiting times!

Deep down I now know life is perfect as such. Trusting intuition things work out just fine, as long as we choose our intuition rather than others minds (society, friends and family, media…) The crux for me now is to allow to listen to intuition and feel from the heart rather than be driven solely by the thinking mind. The latter is good to organize stuff, but not to go your way. We Westerners have been conditioned to give thinking most importance and many of us seem to have lost the connection or simply don’t feel that intuition, the ego wanting to stay in control. Funny.  Obviously, plain thinking is based on old information or experiences, that means, we base our decisions on what we already know and cut out the possibilities beyond the box, kind of repeat the past in another way. How limiting!

How do we do that? Walking in Nature, is a simple easy way to to reconnect with yourself, if this is your intention: Just walk until the mind calms down and be. Then, you feel connected with your true Self – no separation, no worries, no plans, no struggle, no competition, no fears, no likes and dislikes just total peace. Now, you know who you are and things are obvious. Law of Nature taking care of itself and you are part of it. Easy!

Imagine you learn to be in that harmonious space most of the time: no more need to get sick, to burn out, to worry. And it gives you a sense of inner peace and clarity that you will use in your worldly undertakings whatever you choose to do.

I am practicing. I keep walking  xxx

Hug from Mallorca


PS: Always happy to answer questions

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