Stop Resisting Life

Sir Philip Nigel Ross Green is the ninth-wealthiest British billionaire by net worth (world rank: 339). He proved that he knows how to make money! This is what he says:

It is all about Quality of Life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family.

Working harder, getting more done in less time, getting into your flow and all these great ideas are useless, if you don’t respect some simple truth: You are part of something bigger!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the approach is more simple: There is a time in the day, when some things work better than others. Learn about energy, and respect the Chi flow instead of resisting or fighting life! Respecting that “higher truth” can bring you back to balance, so you can cope better with stress, have more peace of mind and emotional balance. This is necessary in order to be able to be present and actually enjoy life. “Be here now” instead of running behind schedule, pondering over past or future stuff.

Clearly: fighting day by day to get your busy schedule into those 24 hours is not efficient nor fun.

Do you think you need to do the things the way you always thought you had to do the things? Did you ever consider to change something within yourself instead of fighting with the outside world? Are you still on your track or just following an old idea and principles that have no value for you any longer, because your own goals, priorities, values and needs have changed?

Many of you may hear their inner dialogue say: Yes, I would like to change something inside of me, if I could, but I am stuck in this rut…

Consider this: Realizing that something isn’t quite as pleasant as you would like it to be, is like an invitation to change! You change all the time anyway, consciously or unconsciously, so you might as well make the effort and wake up and choose!

Maybe Philip Green is right:

It is all about Quality of Life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family.

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