Energywork to cope with Fear of the Unknown

One of the reasons why we get stuck is fear of the unknown that comes in the future. What we need to be focusing on is how we are here and now. Change is being manifested, here and now, in fact in every moment, not tomorrow.

How you vibrate is how you are. In other words: we are moving energy. You don’t need quantum physics to prove: you know, when you are in a good mood, other people feel your vibe, it is infecting. So is the opposite.

Being before doing: dog-training is a clear example that you are energy: you may manipulate a dog with pressure and brute force to do what you want. But you won’t have the respect and trust of the dog. Plus: you are under stress. You are not in your center. The dog feels your unbalanced energy and reacts according to what is really going on with you.
Being before doing means, to spend time to cultivate the right energy needed for the situation. Take the time it takes to become calm, assertive and centered. Then, your surroundings respond to your energy differently.

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