Does Exercise boost your mood?

Does Exercise really boost your mood?

Read about scientific research results.

Here is my observation of thousands of clients:

Exercise may boost your mood depending on what you focus on during exercise. Some clients thinks about their stress at work, stress at home, stress living in the city all the time or they stick mentally to a current problem such as relationship problem, fear of loosing the job, depression anxiety etc.. It is important to become aware of this process and to freely choose how to spend your time exercising for the best benefit. Think: the problem is not going to run away if I don`t give it my full attention right now and enjoy your hour of exercise. This is how you release the stress and get relaxes.

What is your intention for exerice?

Focus on what you want to achieve rather then what you want not to have in your life. In order to make the most out of your exercise think: this is y quality time, I am relaxed, I breathe fresh air, blood circulates throughout my body, my body is healthy and more healthy each time I exercise….¨

Focus on your wellbeing!!!

If you allow yourself to think  something like ¨I hate exercise¨or ¨I am fat and ugly¨ or ¨jogging is too much and power-walking too boring for me¨ you kill not only your motivation and the natural flow of joy,  but stick to a negative picture of yourself.

So when you exercise next and want to loose weight, lower your high blood pressure, become more stress-resistant, cope with depression or fight anxiety remember to start with a clear positive intention, focus on what you want to feel like and be present during exercise, be in the ¨here and now¨…

2 responses to “Does Exercise boost your mood?”

  1. Hi, just wanted to say, I loved this post. It was practical.

    Keep on posting!

    1. Thank you for your feedback. Helps stay focused on sharing useful information 🙂

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