What is really important to you?

Problems occur all the time. Life is a continuous experience of change – challenging or boring moments. It is up to us, how we approach the situation and how we “set us up” inside to determine or face our life. We seem to identify with our thinking mind and past so much, that we almost feel the need to be loyal to it, no matter whether it is good or bad for us.

Multi-tasking was in, now speeding is out and slow movement makes sense.

Loads of information out there for us to choose from. Choose which channel you tune in knowing that it is up to you, how you reprogram/create from Now on! Watching your inner conversation attentively gives you valuable information about your channel – Do you put yourself down? Do you think positive without believing in it, which is like pushing on the gas pedal with the breaks on….

What do you focus on, attract, create, have in your life? What dreams do you dream? What do you really want? What gives you real satisfaction? What do you want to be remembered about you?

Taking some time to rethink might bring you some clarity on what really matters. Now between x-mas and 2012 is a great opportunity to take time out, step back and determine your values and current priorities.

For 2012 i wish for us all that we have the awareness in every moment to choose our thoughts, words and actions. Let us be the people we want to meet in life 😉

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