Stress Coping Strategies for a Healthy Weight

Clich here to read here how strongly Stress and Health is related.

Do you know this situation: you exercise quite regularly and eat pretty good, yet, there is some extra weight, that just does not want to leave you as it it was glued to your bones. Why is that? One factor is age. As you age hormones go down, metabolism slow down, it is harder to keep up muscles. In other words: The body requires more care to keep in shape. Another factor is stress. Stress can be caused by a polluted environment, poor habits, hectic lifestyle, unconscious thinking and feeling patterns, such as worries or negative expectations, etc., etc..

Stressed out?a smile makes a change

Are you ready for a positive change?

Learn how you can change your stress response in specific Yaduma™ Workshops or individual Coaching Sessions.
Expect fun!

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