Get an exercise routine

Regular exercise is essential to maintain a healthy weight, a strong body, cope stress and to feel good.

ACTION brings RESULTS. First of all set a smart goal and go for it!

Aerobic exercise such as walking, slow jogging, biking, swimming or rollerblading helps loose weight. The ideal heart rate is 65-75% of (220-your age). If your goal is to loose weight, use a heart rate monitor to know what heart rate you are exercising in. Loose weight with moderation and take your time, so you don’t get the jojo-effect but live a different lifestyle.

Exercise 3-4 times a week for 45min to an hour and choose an exercise you enjoy. Switch routes, focus (e.g. posture) or  type of exercise  to keep engaged and not get bored. If you walk, practice conscious walking, have an intention for your walk and focus.

At 40+ the hormone production slows down. In order to maintain muscles you may need to exercise more regularly to keep the muscles strong. Resistance training is required to use and maintain the main muscles in the body. Check out this easy and simple workout routine that does not require a gym. Train 2-3 times a week and enjoy your strong body!

Moderation and consistency as well as setting a clearly defined goal are key factors for success. Take it easy!

Make up your mind to follow an exercise routine and just do it. Have strategies prepared for “low motivation days”. Choose positive motivating goals such as “enjoy a healthy size x body loosing no more than a pound a week until the end of week x” instead of vaguely saying “loose fat”. Realize that it is mostly your ego mind, the lower self that keeps you from doing what is good for yourself and do it anyway! Obviously, when you are ill, you must not exercise but relax. Use those days to recharge batteries, maybe practice some relaxation techniques, Yoga or Tai Chi.

After a short time the feel-good factor will be the motivator that keeps you going. Imagine yourself feeling fit, healthy and motivated to inspire others to join your healthy lifestyle!

Please contact Manuela at if you have specific questions or require a Coaching session to get started.

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