How to improve Eating Habits

When it comes to a healthy weight the first thing that comes up to be changed are eating habits. People do all kinds of diets to get rid of weight that they gain quickly after returning to their habitual diet. That doesn’t make muchsense. Weight is a lot about well-feeling. As kids many of us got a sweet “treat” as a positive confirmation and thisconditioning stays as we grow older. We seek giving ourselves a treat with food that is possibly not good for us or with an extra glass of wine to finally chill and relax. NOW is the time to change for good!

Improving eating habits is all about doing yourself some good. Become aware of what you really need, what is I love snackinggood for you and where you fool yourself. A healthy diet must not be a scientific approach to consuming calories in a specific way, but nurturing your body and feeling what it needs. And needs change with age and circumstances, so stay tuned in, be prepared and flexible. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, rather have strategies available when things don’t work out the way you planned and have an alternative prepared.

weight loss spices

Here is a simple guideline:

  • Focus on eating mostly vegetables and fruit every day.
  • Make it tasty! Use yummy spices that are good for weight loss.
  • Fill your system with good nutrients. Almost every restaurant has some healthy options.
  • Reduce or quit animal food – obviously reduce or better replace meat. Get good proteins from beans, nuts, avocados etc..
  • Stay away from dairy and gluten for quick results and better wellbeing!!!
  • Consume good fat sources such as avocados and olive oil in moderation – good fat sources help burn fat as long as you exercise adequately. Make sure to get enough good fat sources!
  • Have healthy snacks ready: get raw food snacks at your local health food store!
  • Don’t starve yourself. It is OK to feel hungry once a day, however, don’t cut down the nutrient intake, but be prepared and eat smart.
  • Change your alcohol habits, if you are a social drinker and want to loose weight. More coming soon.

Most importantly, learn to taste like a gourmet, smell, chew and feel the taste changing as you chew. Eat slowly and concentrated on the food. Eat when you eat. No texting, TV or reading. Prepare a regular plate, don’t eat big amounts. Be aware that it takes up to 30 min until you feel satisfied. Make each meal  a treat and ENJOY xxx

Professional Coaching or a support group helps you set smart goals, follow up on your steps and make the change fun.

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