Suffering from poor habits?

You know you don’t make smart choices but just can’t change it? As a consequence your weight is off, your mind never shuts down, motivation for sport is zero or there is just no fun?

For some people it seems to be much easier to treat their car right than their body: the best fuel, a regular wax, changing filters and oil regularly, etc. etc. they don’t let it rust but run it regularly.  Trapped in poor habits some actually believe they could not change eating fast food, choose more nutrients instead and less processed food based mainly on white flour, sugar and meat. From no time to cook, cravings for sugar or meat, never liked sports to “inherited” body in the sense of  everybody in the family had the same problem.more pills?

Of course! Not only do we come with the genes of our parents to this world, we also are exposed to their likes, dislikes, habits and are conditioned in their way. Good kids get a sweet, bad kids go to bed without dinner. The blood pressure and stroke risk runs in the family not only due to the genes but the habits: If we keep on running the program we learned, we keep on getting the same results. Not only eating and exercising but also drinking (sodas, sugars, sweeteners, too much coffee or alcohol), the way you relax (or just don’t!) and the way you think determine your physical and mental wellbeing. 

Imagine you would run an experiment, just to find out, what happens….

Changing lifestyle habits can be so easy, once you become aware and feel responsible to consciously let go of old programming and box-thinking: Understand that all your preferences, habits, likes and dislikes are just a result of whatever you experienced SO FAR. You no longer need to live on autopilot, copying the patterns of somebody else. You can “restructure” your own world, replace habits that no longer serve you, such as rewarding yourself with a sweet or relaxing with a couple of drinks.

When we are born as innocent babies, a mixture of somebody’s genes, we need to learn everything. Parents, school, society write ideas onto our heart and hard drive. However, at some point we are ready to take over and choose what is really right for us. When you suffer from the consequences of poor lifestyle choices it is an excellent time to look at yourself and question what really suits you and what not and become responsible for yourself.

“Yes, but I cannot just stop doing this and that”, “I can’t control it”, ” If he or she wouldn’t do this, I wouldn’t do that”, “It’s not that easy, because….” – arguments are endless WHY NOT. Whenever you realize that you mind is trying to sell you problems rather than arguments towards solutions, SMILE and say “thank you for sharing, I do it anyway”. You are in the process of becoming the master of your decisions, become responsible and no longer “victim” of your old box-thinking and whatever has been programmed on your system. Let’s say you know you would benefit from regular exercise and decide to walk 3 times a week for an hour on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Monday comes and by the time you remember your new habit, a thought crosses your mind saying “kinda cold today”. Next thing you know, you convince yourself to first get a pair of fancy running shoes before you start walking. Great excuse!

How do you deal with that? Be aware of your mental talk! Observe what is going on in your mind. Know that every thought that tries to keep you from your healthy habit is a part of your old programming that you are about to change by doing it anyway. You choose in every moment.

Please share your thoughts, tips or best excuses!!!


2 responses to “Suffering from poor habits?”

  1. Great article.
    I would like to add that people are also commercially mislead-ed and misinformed. It starts all by education. And the educational system is still controlled by the lobby of commercial empires. Think about milk and grains! Since I avoid bread (from grains or even whole grains) I feel much better.
    The education system is still teaching the “good old food pyramid” They recommend things totally wrong thing!
    “Eat Plenty of bread, rice, potatoes, pasta and cereals” – See more at:

    If you want to get educated… In the Netherlands there is a great book called the sandglass. It is very simple… change the food from the bottom with (better alternatives) food from the top.

    Click to access de_voedselzandloper_afbeelding_-_25_mb.pdf

    1. Thank fir that great comment. The ancient food pyramid might have been appropriate for hardworking hunters and gatherers, not for our lifestyle.

      I agree, the food lobby is manipulating to a very insane extend, considering the damage we provique through mal nutrition.

      Do you kniw an English version og the sandglass by any chance?

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