Stop Fighting Start Living

You prefer the love and peace to the flight or fight approach? Are you at peace with yourself most of the time? Welcome in the Club!

What happens inside of us that seems to just not want to accept to live the current moment as it is, but find something that’s wrong, not good or to be eliminated about yourself, others or the situation? You hear yourself saying “I don’t want this”, followed by a clear emotional response? Who doesn’t? Until one day you wake up with a deadly diagnose or loss of a loved one, which makes you understand that life is about living the moment, not chasing goals or being miserable all the time. One way to stop sabotaging the present moment is to start observing without judging. And the observing starts with observing yourself without judging. It requires some training to be able to do so (see video). It’s worth it, because once you can just observe and be ok with what is, you no longer feel a need to fight or distract yourself from here and now with TV, drugs, work, endless phone calls etc.. It is a liberating feeling of pleasure without reason, a great place to be and to start choosing at ease rather than “having to”. “Yes but”, might be your concern… E.g. what if someone really annoys me, act or talks in an ugly manner? In these situations you can train yourself from switching from an unconscious reaction such as getting mad, to making a conscious choice such as thinking before saying anything or taking a walk and respond later rather from a place of peace, rather an emotional battlefield. Ultimately, this is about learning to use your power, responsibility or call it freedom to choose in the very moment.

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