Why Coaching?

Coaching can help you gain clarity, strength and energy to do the next step. It can support you heal from formerly limiting conditions or addictive patterns. By a Coach asking you questions you start thinking other than the habitual thinking circles. Naturally, this widens your perspective and allows you to feel what is right for you now, despite conditioning and programming. It can be liberating, energizing and enable you to let go of nonconstructive thought patterns and emotional chain reactions. Instead, find enthusiasm and flow.

It is absolutely necessary for the Coach to be able to leave out his own ego to prevent the risk to manipulate the client in a way the client thinks is right. It is not his job to drive the client into a certain direction but support him find his way, whatever this is.

I learned to become a Coach studying Mental Power Techniques and combined my personal experience and knowledge to support people find their own way. Once fueled with new inspiration and know-how, Walking Meditation is an easy to learn tool for self-help that you can do anywhere, anyhow. And you can learn these tools during only a few Skype sessions. Whatever it is you want to change, go for it!

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