Flow and Wellbeing versus Distress and Dis-ease

Lifestyle is supposed to be a major factor when it comes to staying healthy. And stress is said to be a major factor when it comes to disease. What makes the difference between being in a state of flow versus being stressed out?

There are factors you can influence and factors you can’t, you may think. I think so too, to a pretty small extend. The major part we have “free will” to determine how we do things. Free will in parenthesis because we all know how free we feel when it comes to deciding what is really good for us and what we think we want in that moment. Starting from exercise habits, to eating habits, to automized stress responses and unconscious reactions, the thinking mind might know a lot, but not necessarily act according to our very best.

Why is that? I believe the thinking mind is just for organizing life, and that’s it. To take decisions, you might add up arguments,  continue to say “yes, but” (… I really can’t…. better tomorrow… blablabla) and accidentally ignore your true heart desires.

So how do we listen to our true heart desires? That’s is the crux ! What if we “let go of mental control” and put the thinking mind aside for a while, to find out what else is there, beyond thinking? Isn’t it amazing how difficult this experiment seems to be? I have clients who are almost afraid of sitting down quietly to just be. Afraid of facing something they cannot control with their thinking? I used to have a certain nervousness when sitting down, as if I “had to” do anything else but listen. Once I managed to just do it, a new habits evolved and after 10 days sitting down quietly for 5-10 minutes once a day (preferably same time during the day) the resistance decreased and I learned to allow to just be without thinking and controlling.

You might ask: sitting down quietly – “what for?”
This makes the huge difference between Flow and Wellbeing versus Distress and Dis-ease! 

If you imagine a bigger picture of yourself you might agree, that what you think you are today is a consequence of what you have been trained during childhood, a consequence of experiences you have been exposed to, a consequence of influences of people you have encountered during this life, such as family and friends, teachers at school, people at work, the society to grew up in. So ultimately, what you think you are, might be to a vast extend a summary of what other people have programmed onto your “hard-drive” or mind. Here is the solution for freeing yourself from unwanted habits, unconscious choices, addictions etc.:

If you learn to listen to a voice inside rather than mental chatter being repeated in your mind and having been mainly programmed by others, you can start living your life rather than running an auto-pilot which has not much to do with your real wishes and needs. Sounds scary? Yes! Of course, everything we cannot control sounds frightening, yet, every first step in a new direction is an new chance and adventure. No risk, no fun? Yes, and yet, what do you really risk, other than improving your quality of life and leaving the habit of thinking you were unfree to choose?

In 2001 I started dedicating my professional mission to inspire people to dare to listen beyond the thinking mind during Walking Exercise.  I became a compassionate companion to my clients who empathises what you are about and makes it easy to get started in a new direction. It is different approach to open up towards your inner voice and feel safe to dare to face “stuff,” that you might have tried to cover up before. Funny enough, once the “stuff” has been allowed to show up it tends to have no more reason to be, nothing to suppress or run away from, just old information from the past acknowledged as such.

I used to be a programmed “victim-personality” myself. Victim of mental chatter and programming. Nervous, with a tendency of using work or just a little bit of alcohol in the evening, to distract from facing what I was afraid of: letting go of “stuff”, trusting in life, just being, without trying to control it all with my mind. I discovered that I can make better choices and create what I face in life, by changing my state of awareness. I know I can free myself from unwanted habits and choose what is really good for me. This is what I share today enthusiastically.  I love the fact, that it can be fun and easy to innovate the way we think, feel, act, eat, drink, interact and especially relax.

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Enjoy the path and have fun experimenting something new!

… 45 sec video many years ago in Ibiza expressing this phenomena…

You might also like to read books by Dr. Joe Dispenza such as Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself , a scientific explanation to the art of changing your mind and changing your life.

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