Hiking for hours and hours and hours gives me a sense of freedom. Once the mind calms down, I am – present, pure joy, part of all there is. No questions, doubts, fears, just a sense of total peace and love, even though that sounds cheesy. In that state, everything is perfect.

After running a business for 9 years “successfully”, burnout, divorce and leaving all behind, I had no clue what to do,  just knew I would not sell my soul, but listen to my heart. How? By calming the monkey mind, and listening. That’s what I found out walking. Everything else appeared by itself, the idea to create a new job as a Walking Coach and how I would make that happen. I had to share something I had learned. There are so many people out there in this desperate situations that have no vision nor hope where to go, what to do and most importantly, what this all is about anyway. I create a new job as a “Walking Coach”, a consequence of a true heart desire to share. The idea: People can experience rather than store more information on the hard drive. Friends were laughing at me, and I did not bother, knowing that this was important to share. Share what you learned, share what you love, share who you are. My goal was to do something meaningful, have enough time for the children and enough money to live a good life. It all happened by itself. When life gets turbulent, there is a huge learning opportunity to let go of conditioning and “boxes” that serve nobody.

For those who forgot where to find that place of freedom and inner peace, or those who forgot to shut down the hard drive, feel free to contact. You don’t need to travel far, it is right here with you…

Wishing you all a beautiful day, feel free to get in touch for questions. Hug, ManuelaIMG_4006

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