Wasting a Lifetime

Where are you going from here? What’s the answer to that question, the most profound question: what am I here for, what´s my purpose?

Ever had that feeling that you are not really living your life, not enjoying the process, but struggling to survive in a jungle of e- , i- or  €-junkies?  You are not alone. We all feel like that at times. What´s that all about?

“I have to, I need, I must, I want, I think , I should..” Or “He should, she must, he has to, she should have…”
The mind seems to constantly judge, compare, plan, look back or forward, and doesn´t allow us to just accept what is right now.  If it would, we could actually decide how to respond to what is. In reality, lots of energy is trapped in those mechanisms of the thinking mind keeping us from being here and how. No wonder do we feel we are wasting our life and never find out what we really are about.

The good news: we already know, we just forgot, our essence got hidden under a pile of ideas we picked up on the way. And when life starts bugging us in such a way, that the best job, the best salary, the best house, the best partner can´t help us ignore the pain of not respecting our own true essence, we then develop physical or mental diseases, poor relationships, anything to show us: hold on, time to change direction and find true north.

No person, no money, no vacation can give you what you really need. Right here, right now is where you can begin your changes. The answer is inside. To get it out, we need to open up to ourselves. Listen inside, feel the good stuff AND the ugly stuff. And if we dare to share our deepest truth with someone we can trust, this brings us relief, peace and meaning.

Don´t waste your lifetime. Start living now! Dare to share!


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