Mind over Matter for Christmas

Does Mind over Matter,”the use of willpower to overcome physical problems” work? Due to mind over matter there is such a thing as placebo effect. Is it the pill that works or my expectation of it working? The phrase also relates to the ability to control the perception of pain that one may or may not be experiencing. Like in hypnosis for pain relief: we can to control the perception of pain.

In Coaching our job is to support clients to change perspective, open up to unknown possibilities, take a threat, crisis or problem as a chance for growth and expressing one’s creativity, power of creation. But the work, you do yourself. To be honest, you don’t need to coach! It’s makes it just easier and maybe more appealing to change.

Obviously, if we could just change the thoughts that cross our minds, it would make an instant change of how we perceive the very moment.

We need to raise our consciousness to realize what is going on in our minds and inner world and how this affects the perception of our outer world and our behaviour. This implies realizing the causes that are triggering certain effects in how we think, what emotions are being prompted and what physical consequences we feel in the body. This is one of the purposes of all of the techniques people practice, yoga, tai chi, meditation, etc.: to cleanse the system from programs that run automatically without our proper permission, without ourselves pushing the button, but former experiences, genes, education, conditioning doing so.

The big question is: who are we? To realize what I AM changes everything. Now, I have choice. I am not a product of my beliefs nor am I limited to them. I can choose. I can change. When I discovered that after “hitting rock bottom” I knew, my job is to share and it felt as if this was my soul urge. Nothing but living, experiencing and sharing. No further job description! So I became a life coach, a business coach, started modeling and acting, allowing myself, to explore.

We are not limited to being the product of our education, parents, conditioning, social upbringing or genes. That idea would make us nothing but a piece of sophisticated flesh with a highly advanced computer in the head. We are much more and it is up to us to explore that, enjoy it, and share.

Festive days can be a chance to take a break from habitual perception. Stop the mouse wheel for a day or two. Kind of push the stop button, close your eyes and open them as if you’re opening them for the very first time…   Enjoy!

No need to fake a feeling of love and harmony if you just don’t feel it. Just play the game at the end of this article and experiment to see if you get a little bit of fun out of it!

I wish everybody for Christmas and thereafter to also get to glimpse into the state of realizing what you are -how perfect, how limitless. And I believe if we can make those glimpses happen regularly, we can really change the world – together.

Here is an experiment:

Focus on your physical being: body, sensations, senses…
Switch to nonphysical observation of what is going on inside of you: thoughts, interpretations, pictures of memories, the whole in the movie…

Playing this game more often makes us aware of what is really true and watch is “the movie” that we project, the matrix we feel trapped in. And then, we realize, that did we are much more, then body, thoughts and emotions…



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