A man who doesn´t love people should not be in a position of a leader

What makes a leader an excellent leader? Leadership skills everybody needs. First of all, to lead oneself, personal mastery. The question is: who is oneself, who am I?

In order to find that out, we need to clear out conditioning programs that don’t fit to our true essence. Enable ourselves to work according to some very clear guidelines and priorities. Ethics. Moral. Truth inside of us. Not what we have been told, but what is our truth.

Our system has focused on preventing our children to learn to think for themselves. The idea was, to make them behave the way it suits the system. Makes sense. Just like parenting used to be: if you do, what daddy says, you get a candy, otherwise ,you get a slap. Or in business: reach the numbers, get promoted. Don’t reach the numbers, look for another job. Nothing else. Or in relationships: fulfil my expectations, get my love, otherwise, I give you shit. This is called conditioned love.

The only drag is, people become unhappy, disoriented and search relief in drugs, media, consumerism and any kind of distraction to fill that whole. Something inside is hurting, despite the intent to numb that little voice. We end up living a life, as if it was somebody else’s, blaming the upbringing, society, injustice, pollution, while continuing polluting our own world with thoughts that are not constructive. BTW this is not another conspiracy theory: A former British teacher just shared yesterday, what made him leave the school system was a memorandum about his duty as a teacher:  the last words were “to secure social control”. That´s 20 years ago. And it still works today: people go on seminars and workshops, read articles and books without ever questioning the information and their own beliefs. Follow like sheep, regurgitate  like cows!

Here comes another Leader: Trump. What makes his heart beat higher? What does he care for? What motivates him? What are his values? What does he really want?

Those questions everybody has to ask oneself sooner or later.

A leader who doesn’t love people should not be in a position to lead others, not in politics, not in business, nowhere. Why? Because he just does not care!

Why did America vote for Trump? No alternative? What do people really expect from him as a president? Really? What is the solution?

We live in a world of duality. Good and bad, black and white. We are supposed to be free to make good decisions. Are we? Most of us are not. We are trapped in habits, copying what we are shown, stuck in ego saying “yes, but”. What are the arguments for our decisions? What is “doing the right thing?” We must question ourselves, our way of thinking, our values. We are responsible for our choices, even though we might feel in conflict. We can’t just vote by following “the best” propaganda, follow like-minded people on facebook and hope we are on the right track. Follow like sheep, regurgitate like cows. We need to find answers within ourselves. Lead ourselves. Stop complaining, start forgiving and acting ourselves. Be the person we  want to be. Learn to master ourselves. Drink one glass of wine, not finish the whole bottle. Appreciate and enjoy the small stuff. Help others, even when nobody sees it. Pollute less, our minds, our hearts, our bodies, planet earth.

Values. Yes, we are in a material world and everything requires money. No, we don´t have to sell our souls to survive. We need to wake up from this hypnotic illusion, dreaming that the bigger house, the boat, the vacation is what we really need. There are guidelines inside of us, that make life meaningful. I am not saying it is not desirable to have a nice house or anything we enjoy. I am saying it is meaningless, if we don´t set our direction in life according to the interior compass of our life purpose. If we forget who we are.

Coming back to Trump: what does he love? What are his values? Do you want to follow this man like a sheep? What is the alternative? Start thinking for yourself! Do you want hatred, discrimination, and violence? Become like Trump: billionaire, no matter what?

Our power is in our daily choices: how we act, how we speak, how we face challenges, what we choose to purchase or not purchase. Instead of fighting with means of violence and injustice, choosing, how we can do better ourselves. The big question is: what is better? And that leads back to the beginning: what are your values? What do you believe in? Why do you really do what you do, deep down? Be honest. Face yourself. Sounds very poetic, but living the life we came here for. Be our own leader.

yoga for brainworkers
time to change

One of my prime values is Love. How I can make even a minor positive change in my daily life, here and now?  I am more happy when I can share the fruits of this garden with others…

What about you?

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