Fear is a Liar — Be Like Water

You know how hard it is for some people to DREAM? Afraid of dreaming, fearing the pain of failure? Not daring to dream equals not daring to look outside the box that you are born into. A product of genes and environment? Where are YOU?

Life is evolution, movement, change. We are the story-writers, directors, actors, consciously or unconsciously.

Learning to become responsible for our thoughts, emotions and actions, is key to direct our life path. How? Body and Mind Awareness Training. We no longer feel our bodies, we don´t rule over our minds, our thinking habits and beliefs rule over us.

Time for a change. Time to change the way you think about yourself. Time to embrace the parts you don’t even want to know about yourself. Time to make peace and evolve.

How? Meditation, Walking Meditation, Chikung, Mindfulness, Relaxation and Awareness Training – it takes a clear “Yes”-decision and a walking the talk in small steps day by day


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