Well-Being is a Skill Scientists say

Watch this 13 min video The Four Constituents of Well-being to find out what scientists say about Well-being: Well-being is a choice! Even with rather unfortunate genes, experiences and upbringing, neuronal plasticity permits you to shape your life experiences. Stuff happens. Always. But we can train to respond differently.

These are the four key factors that Dr. Richard Davidson, founder of the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin sees as the four science-based keys to well-being:

Resilience: how easy can you get back to being OK after “stuff happened” – trained with longterm meditation or mindful practices.
Outlook: the ability to see the positive in others and their innate potential of goodness – loving kindness and compassion practices.
Attention: a wandering mind is an unhappy mind, focus on what you are doing.
Generosity: engaging in altruistic behavior fosters well-being

We are responsible for how we think, act, shape our brains!
One can change instantly once you really belief you can.
Then, you begin to release the energy it takes.
Both, a positive and a negative mindset releases energy. You choose!

PS:   for German speakers under you: Monkey Mind – Mental Hygiene für mehr Freude im Alltag  an easy to read book to stop standing in your own way with a list of healthy practices to check out in real life (practices refers to doing, not knowing :).


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