Distraction is the new Meditation!

The game with thoughts

In this day and age, we find it difficult to think clearly. Every day, new stressful tasks come our way, more and more often we get into relationship crises and life itself too often gives us a leg up.

At such a moment, when everything comes at us at once, we would like to scream at the top of our lungs, cry, throw ourselves on the floor and let it all wash over us.

But then all of a sudden a thousand thoughts come at us, thoughts that don’t let us sleep at night, thoughts that drag us down, that we find hard to escape from.

You can’t just switch off the thoughts, you try, but nothing helps. Sometimes you roll around in bed and hate the whole world, hate your life and everything gets on your nerves.

Yet you ask yourself how you can steer your thoughts in a different direction, how you can start a diversionary manoeuvre that will get you out of your mental depression.

You can look up many books on mental relaxation, but I’m sure it will only confuse you more and you will miss your intended answer because of all the information.

You too can meet your goal with open arms and to feel the warmth of the ray of light on your exhausted soul.

Distractions are many and each one brings something new into our lives that can bring us the peace of mind we desire.

When many difficulties come at us at once, we must find a way to free ourselves spiritually from them and seek the inner peace that gives us the strength to go on.

Here are a few tips on how you can find your inner peace and find something beautiful in every difficult situation in life…

1. New Activities

New activities are a welcome distraction when you want to get your thoughts in order. Try something new!

Sometimes we just think too much, every thought that buzzes through our brain causes us distress and we overwhelm ourselves with things we can’t do anything about.

If you lie on the sofa every night thinking about all the things you did wrong in your life, things you could have done better, it means you just have too much free time.

If you filled your free time with nice, fun and interesting activities, you wouldn’t be able to rack your brains with such thoughts, because you would have better things to do.

And it’s at a time like this, when everything is getting on your nerves and you’re becoming more and more withdrawn, that you should look for new hobbies and interests.

If you find new hobbies that you enjoy, you may well meet new people who will bring distraction into your life. There are so many things you don’t even know they exist! Get curious and make it a point to explore more 🙂

2. Go out

Your circle of friends has become smaller and smaller over the last few years and now you don’t know who to turn to when things aren’t going so well.

You don’t want your friend to think that you only contact her when you are feeling bad.

But know that true friends are always there for you and should always be understanding of any situation in your life.

If you still feel uncomfortable, you should take a distraction route. You should dress up, go out alone, find a nice place and wait.

At first it will seem strange to sit alone in a café, but after a while you will notice how the distraction captivates you.

You start to observe other people, their dates, their clothes, the hairstyles of the women.

Then you look at your surroundings, you notice many beautiful details in the room that you would not have paid attention to before.

Your former inattention to the beautiful and small things in life is a thing of the past, now you look for the beauty in everything.

And in this way, a few beautiful and relaxed hours pass that you have spent exclusively with yourself. Isn’t that a nice feeling?

Isn’t it nice to feel that sometimes you are enough for yourself and that you can have a nice evening with yourself?

Sometimes you can be the best distraction for yourself. Who knows, maybe someone will notice you trying to sort out their thoughts at that moment and two soul mates will meet.

3. Seek your inner peace

Sometimes people only feel good and balanced again when they find their inner peace, when they connect with their spirit and find the balance within themselves.

If you choose to look for the distraction within yourself, don’t be distracted from a chosen direction.

You can see for yourself if the chosen direction gives you the peace you have been longing for. Many people immerse themselves in a spiritual world, they meditate and try to find their inner centre.

If you are content from within, the negative influences from outside cannot do anything to you, they simply bounce off you.

It is important that you return to your mental relaxation, you can do this by doing something that makes you happy, such as reading deep books, listening to loud music, or simply looking at cloud shapes that you did as a child.

4. Play with your Fantasy

We have completely forgotten the game of fantasy during the process of growing up.

As children, we always imagined everything, how it could be, how one will meet the great love at a ball and all scenarios were played out a thousand times in our head cinema.

And now? Now we can’t even imagine the simplest things, we even have a hard time remembering the beautiful memories from childhood.

It’s time to refresh your memory a little, to go inside yourself and relive all the beautiful moments you have experienced throughout life.

Lie down, turn off the light and focus only on your thoughts. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, you have to go inside yourself and think of the beautiful moments in your life.

Put yourself back into the situations and try to feel your feelings from back then again. Can you feel an unusual yet comforting warmth spreading through your body?

This is exactly the feeling we have been waiting for. It doesn’t even have to be something you experienced, you can think of something completely new.

Imagine what it would be like to lie on your dream beach, how the warm sand would feel on your skin, how the sun’s rays would glide over your skin….

Isn’t that a great feeling? And now you see how negative thoughts can be easily banished, how they can be skilfully steered in a different direction.

5. Separate yourself from the virtual world

Often social media accounts steer our thoughts in the wrong direction. We simply think too much about the virtual world so that we completely lose touch with the real world.

Worrying about virtual popularity is one of the biggest “accident causes” of modern times. You focus too much on your virtual friends that you simply forget about your real ones.

You start comparing yourself to others and try to fit in, even though you don’t feel good about it. The “risk of accident” grows day by day that you let yourself be influenced too much by the social media.

If you really want to take a new path, if you can’t stand the pressure of the illusory world any more, you should get rid of it.

Delete your accounts, you can even stop using WhatsApp and still keep in touch with the important people.

In the past, you had enough friends and contacts even though you didn’t use all these platforms.

Now it is important that you find your way back to peace.

Thoughts are there to be played with, only we humans take life too seriously and forget the beautiful sides of imagination.

The brain is programmed to be guided in any direction if you try hard enough.

Don’t let others influence your thoughts and let everyday stress make you forget that there are also beautiful things in life to be happy about.

We have shown you how to take a new path, how to make yourself shine again, because you are the only ruler of your thoughts and you must never forget that!

Have fun exploring what else is possible…. play and enjoy….


Feel good now!
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2 responses to “Distraction is the new Meditation!”

  1. clintoncallahan Avatar

    Dear Manuela!
    I feel so glad that you face into this level of shadow work with your
    people! It is true work! I am being worked on by creating

    Love and hugs to you!

    1. Thanks Clinton!
      I so much relate to your words “you are being worked on by creating” – I witness the same phenomenon e.g. in music lyrics and highly enjoy the process of expressing what flows through “me”: https://manuelastoerzer.bandcamp.com/track/blow-that

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