Having a hard time to meditate?

Everybody knows it: Meditation is good for concentration, relaxation, health and happiness, success, creativity, you name it…

How do we get the mind nice and calm and tune in?

Here is a sweet simple way of “Omharmonics” offering Meditation Sounds that get you in the alpha state easily and quickly : >>> Visit this page to get your free Omharmonics audio

At some point they ask you to buy the whole series of tools, which I personally, don’t think you need, because it is

time to change
time to change

good enough to experience a quick intro into how alpha state feels like and make it a regular habit to “experiment” with it in moderation. Little by little the monkey mind will give you a break, knowing, that the experience is a short and nice one.

Another tool is Walking Meditation – slow walks, focusing on breath. See a former post by clicking here!

The moment the controlling Ego Mind is willing to give you a break, you are in 🙂
Check it out and free yourself from obsessive thinking habits and stress mechanisms ruling over you!!
If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT!

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Essentially Fun, Personal Development Coach, Published Author, Model, Actress, Improv Artist http://manuelastoerzer.com

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