Stop gossip and slander

To stay clean from gossip and slander is supposed to be an important factor for a good quality of life.
Why is that?

Not only Buddism teaches to speak meaningful. Obviously gossip about other people’s affairs when they are not joining the conversation is not meaningful most of the times. And, the decisions we take now is what determines our future:

Less gossip, more meaningfitnesstalk
Less talk behind other people’s back, more talk with people
Less smalltalk, more presence.
No slander, kind heartfelt words.

Our society works with gossip and slander, last not least do we expose ourselves to TV shows around gossip and slander, in fact, this is what seems to sell best.

It is worthwhile to experiment and become very aware of your communication habits, especially if you experience people talking about you behind your back. Start by observing your thoughts and words and slowly slowly choose to talk about what really matters here and now. It is a process, not a one-time decision. This habit brings along the opportunity to enhance your relationships and allows you to make new experiences that change old-engraved ideas about others. As a “talker” I still have opportunities to improve on this field and practice every day myself  😉

2 responses to “Stop gossip and slander”

  1. Find the good — and praise it. What you discuss is what you magnetize into your life, good or bad. This is not a slogan, it works.

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