How to get better Sleep

Bad sleeping quality easily results in sleeping disorders, lack of joy and health problems. Sleep is not directed by the conscious mind. Sleep is controlled by the autonomic nervous system and can not be brought about deliberately, however, it can be indirectly promoted. If you suffer from sleeping problems, you might be willing to experiment for one week to see the difference:

Get the acidity out of the body!  Eat alkaline foods such as potatoes, carrots, almost all vegetable and some fruit, drink plenty  plain water or herbal teas. Prevent acid food and drinks such as white flour, sugar, meat/sausage etc., alcohol, coffee. If you have trouble quitting coffee and alcohol at least cut it down to 1 a day for the next week. Take your time and focus on your meal/drink. Taste what you consume, train your taste buds. Swallow until the food is liquid before you swallow.

Get moderate exercise such as Walking exercise. Take at least 30 minutes a day or 2x 15 minutes to go outside and walk around the block. Also, watch your thoughts when you walk. Become aware of your mental activity and allow the thinking move into background noise while you focus on your body movement. Feel your heart beat, observe the muscles you are moving, as if you were looking from down from above. Check out to find out how you can learn Walking Meditation.

Stop worrying. If you have a particular issue you are worrying about make sure to get it out. You either take care of things if you can, or you learn to stop worrying if you have no influence over the issue. Talk with friends or get professional consulting, so your brain can give you a break at night.

Take time out. Take 10 minutes to just sit and do nothing before you go to bed. You can focus on a candle or on your breath. Realize and observe the thinking process and allow it to be. Observe the mind thinking and keep on breathing. Every time you focus more on the thought than the breathing, just come back to breathing – easy, no stress, just experiment. If this is really hard for you, get a coach to introduce you to techniques that suit your current state of being.

Obviously, less junk TV, good company, quality conversation and practicing a hobby acts like soul food and empowers you on a different level to promote good sleep.

3 responses to “How to get better Sleep”

  1. So true, very good advice!

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