Lose weight with Fun

When the system gets out of balance, weight loss can be a consequence. It tends to happen slowly, unnoticed until the day you wake up and find yourself out of shape. Getting out of balance is very common in times of over information, quick changes in the surrounding and habits based on complying with wishes rather than needs. Media tells you what “in shape” looks like, there is enormous pressure especially for woman to meet up with trends in beauty in order to be trendy or up-to-date.

Once the weight is on, you are also influenced by the media, suggesting the latest diets, crash remedies and ultimate exercise routines to get in shape. Pressure and the fact that current habits are far away from what would be really good for you makes the weight loss challenge tough.

It does not have to be that way. You can choose to make this weight loss project a fun experiment and an opportunity to finally take real good care of yourself. Realize that the body is your vehicle while living on earth, your emotions are signals, guiding you and your mental setup is a tool to be used to direct your life is step one. You are not your body, you have a body, you are not your mind, you have a mind. You are not your emotions, you have emotions. Therefor, your body is a consequence of how you treat it.  If your thinking is limiting and undesired or unconscious habits control your actions it is time to take a break. Make it fun! Here is a simple remedy to get most benefit of the weight “problem”:

Coach yourself like professional:  become aware of your status quo, define a smart goal and the steps you are willing to commit to get there. Weight loss is not just about eating and exercising, but also about relaxing and mental power. There are great tools online available for each section and how to coach yourself. Or choose a professional to guide you along. One to 1 1/2  hours of coaching is enough to get you going. This is where the process becomes really fun. You learn new ways to deal with stress, overcome limiting beliefs and free yourself from past programming that kept you tight in other parts of life as well. You no longer focus on limitations but on new opportunities and ways to change perspective, motivate and follow through. Soon, you become clear about what it is that tries to keep you trapped in destructive behavior from owning your power to personal mastery. Some people stop looking at those traps once they reached their weight loss goal. However, you can use these techniques to coach yourself in other aspects of life by simply looking deeper, becoming clear and making conscious choices.

Walking is a easy, fun and effective way to introduce regular exercise into your lifestyle that you can do anywhere, anytime. You can use the time walking to relax, do body posture exercises, walking meditations, consciousness training or even reflect on a project from a different angle.

After an initial Coaching session you will be ready to go. Follow-up sessions are recommended to track your success and develop strategies to cope with challenges on the way, if you happen to have any. There is a 3 months coaching package available for those who know they have a hard time to commit. You already have the key to your success, we can support you using it by getting you started and help you keep going.

If you need support, check out your coaching possibilities here!

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