Advance Communication – Improve Relationships

Do you find it difficult to communicate with others? Is it hard for you to tune into others, empathise with them? Or are you one of those people who seem to feel others more than themselves?

Both extremes don’t help to improve relationships. Why? If you can’t relate to how others feel, you seem disconnected from the people around you, separated in your own individual bubble. Here is a video with some interesting information about the ability to empathise:

The other extreme is just as challenging: when in contact with others, you seem to lose the connection with your inner world and totally tune into the other person’s feelings. Obviously, this trait doesn’t help to create good relationships either. We have to be ourselves in order to relate.

So what is the solution? Empathise while maintaining your center! How does this work? Check out the 4 min video about maintaining your center while interacting with others. It is about becoming your center… being always centered without having to think about it.

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