How to change with more fun, ease and grace

Know you need to change something but feel like you don’t have enough energy, willpower or resources to invest in the change? Like: yes, I want to improve my Business English but I don´t want to commit to regular Skype coaching  classes. Or: yes, I want to feel better in my body, be more fit, but I don’t want to move, or? Or: yes I would like to learn to relax without TV, PC or a drink, but I don’t know how. Or: yes, I want to own a big house but I don’t want to change the way I do the things I do? “Yes-but” sounds like a part of your ego software tries to keep you where you are and not change in order to keep you safe and sound in the more or less comfortable comfort zone.

Here is another approach to making change more easy, doable, maybe even fun(!)

Change perspective from “having to” in order to “getting something out of it into “investing in your Self” in order to “enjoy life more fully”. Undertaking the effort in investing in your Self also means

  • Getting to the core, finding out who or what you really are (are you your job description, your role as a family member, a ….., or what are you?)
  • Finding out what is truly important to you (not your parents, neighbours, kids, boss)
  • Changing the picture you have of yourself, from child-perspective to adult-perspective, from complying with expectations to choosing consciously
  • Liberating yourself from unconscious limitations by bringing light into the dark sides you did not dare to look at before
  • Using your energy differently, learn new tools and apply them
  • Being responsible, realize you can choose versus see yourself as a victim of circumstances, upbringing or surroundings.
  • Letting go of old ideas and replacing them with more effective, and/or enjoyable ones.

Sounds like work? Yes, it actually is, and it can be a lot of fun, very liberating.

I have had the chance to choose an intensive personal development and coaching training. Why did I have that chance? Because I finally “allowed myself” to invest in myself. Well, the fact that I was burnt-out, didn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel and finally was diagnosed with a stage 4 malign melanoma made it quite easy to make a decision, because there was no alternative other than change something of yourself, of your software, reveal something that had been hidden away in the subconscious that wanted to be heard and integrated, investigate, dare to ask some questions starting with “w”.

When I first did that, I did it for myself only.  Then, I had the wish to share this with others and reinvented myself as a “Walking Coach”, combining mindful walking with coaching and awareness training. It became my passion to inspire people to update their software, learn new tools, new ways of seeing, approaching, experiencing life, move from the head to the heart. Not just think but feel. Be present! That was 15 years ago and that just the beginning of a process that could be called conscious living. In reality it is a never-ending story. It continues to change, I explore more and more and I love to help people open up to the immense world they hold within.

If you want to start that process to expand and evolve, reading is not enough. A real fun way is improv classes. Improv can kick your software upside down and back again, forcing you to look deeper. Yoga, Chikung and martial arts is great training, also deep (not just gym) depending on the depth of the teacher. Workshops, retreats and coaching can be effective, once you live and apply what you have learned, so follow-up is essential to make what you have learned your lifestyle. Check out our Coaching Services or google  #PossibilityManagement or their #NextCulture website. You will find free tools to play with such as newsletters called #sparks that inspire to experiment with new ideas. They also invite to build communities, or groups of people to meetup with regularly in order to enhance their development. We offer follow-up coaching or regular check-ins via skype and retreats in laid-back locations to learn about change together with other people who have the same intention: to grow. And to have fun!

Please feel free to contact for any questions, LIKE! or SHARE!

PS: It’s Eastern – even though I am not a member of church I highly appreciate the purpose of this holiday: idea of remembering who we really are: some unique special loving creative energy, maintaining a body, a mind and emotions, able to recreate, co-create, reinvent and change.

Enjoy your Day xxx

Manuela and Anthony coaching

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