Learning to Relax

Life is about decisions. When we know how to master the mind, we can stay balanced, focus and concentrate. We can make better decisions. We can stop suffering, become aware of what really is (here and now, not in our thoughts). Awareness brings responsibility to choose the right action. Trapped in ideas, assumptions and conclusions, prejudice and distrust, is no longer a good excuse. Stop seeing an enemies in your colleagues. Stop “trying” to change. Stop waiting for a better moment to start. Mental power requires training. You can learn how to Modulate Brain Mechanisms.

Really good ideas and changes don’t come from just thinking. Thinking is based on what you already know and ruminating is not innovative. Too much thinking in a rather uncontrolled way, disables us to choose positive or negative, constructive or riot. I call this the “Monkey Mind”.

An alternative to uncontrolled thinking and emotional reaction patterns is learning to relax your mind. Ancient Chinese techniques and Walking Meditation can be learned at any age.  They are easy to apply. All it takes is regular practice. Not only when you need it, but consistently, like brushing teeth and cleaning the house. Keep that muscle strong!

Trying is not good enough. Stop excuses and “yes, but”. It is in your hands.

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