WALKING as Stress Coping Strategy and for Psychosomatic Problems

The head is directly connected to the body – meaning: your thinking influences your body reactions.

That is why learning new stress coping strategies during Walking sessions helps you in different ways, whether you suffer from psychosomatic problems, lack of motivation or risk factors due to stress such as HBP, cholesterol, weight or sleep problems:

1. You work out physically and reduce the level of stress hormones in your blood, burn calories, boost your blood circulation and metabolism. You actively improve your physical health.

2. You learn how to think differently and how to allow yourself to stay relaxed in challenging situations. Looking at situations from a difference  helps you realize what impact your own evaluations of situations have on you and that you do have a choice how to think about and deal with things in many different ways. Create a new pattern! Physical dis-eases are mostly a result of an imbalance or a dissatisfaction on some level. You can heal yourself finding out what a fulfilled life means for you and what you need to live in balance.

3. Take a Break and have Fun! Fun is a super-energizer. Realize that nothing happens if you allow yourself to take a break from your busy or stressful schedule, leave the problems aside for an hour and have a good time. Well, something does happen: you become more clear and relaxed and enable yourself to introduce new strategies. Beside that you experience the fun during and wellbeing after an hour Walking with a Coach who guides you to new thinking patterns.

It takes about 3 weeks until you not only see and feel the difference but also know deep inside, that you have a choice and are free to direct your life in the way you decide.

Enjoy the path!

For info,  appointments for Walking Sessions or Coaching please call 310 600 5144 or emailmanuela@gmail.com

Walking is easy. Everybody can do it. The key for better health and longterm wellbeing with Walking is to have fun and enjoy every single time you go. Be healthy!

One response to “WALKING as Stress Coping Strategy and for Psychosomatic Problems”

  1. Excellent advice! I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve sluggishly gotten into my walk and, at the end of it, found myself totally fired up and in a fantastic mood, having creatively solved even the most complex business challenge thanks to my mental energies being kickstarted by the walk. Thanks!

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