From being stuck in problem thinking to focus on ¨the light inside¨

If you find yourself stuck in problem thinking in all kind of problems over and over again it is time to reset. Good health, money, work, contentment, inner peace, energy, motivation, good relationships are out there, yet, you might have to switch your attitude, level of energy, expectation and focus to a positive setting. Tuned in into a negative ¨radio station¨ you send and receive negativity.

How can we tune into a positive vibration after having been conditioned in a certain way and probably experienced, taught or inherited negativity? In Asian cultures Meditation is part of their tradition. Learn to shut off the thinking, reprogram the mind and learn to appreciate what is already there.

Manuela Stoerzer Vogt has developed this fun, easy and effective YADUMA Walking Meditation technique to help you shift your focus from what you do not like to your already existing inner beauty and perfection, a place of peace and wellbeing – a practical time and budget friendly meditation tool for Westerners.

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