DREAM to allow new solutions appear!

Imbalance, dis-comfort, dis-ease, dis-stress to me are signs to check back with your-self.

What is it that does not quite fit, where do I need to adjust my current heading?
How do I feel? Not only Am I functioning?
Do I meet my physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs?
What are my individual needs?

How do I KNOW?

Your mind might know what is considered to be good for you, yet the information for your present needs it gets from the rest of your human system.

During Walking Meditation I teach my clients to consciously relax their minds by physical and mental playful experiments (=exercises ;). Focusing on your bodysensations it is easy to BE HERE and NOW. The busy mind that likes to keep control over the details of your life maybe even over other’s peoples details rather than thinking only when needed and then relax and integrate the whole system. What are you about? What do you really want, need, wish desire? The mind cannot answer these questions by thinking. Bringing yourself into a different state of awareness, a dreamlike state as if in a trance, a multi sensual attentiveness allows new insights, new ideas to appear on your horizon. If you enter this state habitually – by Walking Meditation, Guided Meditation, Relaxation Techniques or Self-Hypnosis – you are more aware and connect with your essence in everyday’ s life. You hear your heart beat higher to show you what inspires you, what makes you go!

If you believe you forgot how to get into this state of Dreaming – don’t worry, it is just a believe. People like me can support you. This is fun, energizing, healing and allows new ideas and perspectives show up on your horizon.

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PS: When things seem to go wrong, maybe you need to take a break

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