Quality of Life with Healthy Habits

Who wants to look better, feel better, be more energetic, successful, charismatic and relaxed?

This simple guide is a summary for you to experiment and link the gap between knowing and doing what is good for you! For more detailed information please sign up at the top right of this page to receive the follow-up blogposts by email.

  • Exercise at least three or four days a week. Set up a flexible smart routine that challenges you enough without being boring. Adjust and fine-tune.
  • Get your body accustomed to healthy food, and eat moderately! More here.
  • Get good sleep: seven to eight hours of good sleep a night is healthy and revitalizing for most people. Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. Read here how to get good sleep.
  • Be positive. Stay tuned for easy tips how to be actively more positive! Read here how to be focused, happy and stop worry.
  • Keep busy. Cure lows with action. More coming soon.
  • Be social. Good relationships are critical for a healthy emotional life.
  • Stop worrying. Flip from thinking about problems to actively creating new habits and solutions.
  • Steer clear from gossip and slander! Very important, all Asian cultures know the importance of this rule. Coming  soon.
  • Avoid anything that disturbs your health and happiness! Be kind and stay away from energy suckers …

It’s got to be Fun!

For more details, stay tuned and sign up for free health and happiness tools on the top right of this page!

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