20 Reasons to meditate regularly

Yaduma™Walking Meditation is one simple way to practice mindfulness for those who have a hard time to just sit down cross-legged and  try to “think nothing”.  With some guidance by phone or in a personal coaching session you will be able to go out and do it, there is no long learning process involved.

Learning to use your mind in a specific way rather than experiencing the monkey mind taking over is not only healthy to

  • prevent burnout
  • establish a healthy weight
  • manage stress
  • sleep good

you also become aware of how you create you life by the way you direct your mind.

Read this excellent Huffington Post article on Mindfulness

Wishing you a great day,

Manuela 🙂

One response to “20 Reasons to meditate regularly”

  1. how interesting, thank you!

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