Tired? Lack of Energy? Can’t Concentrate?

What does it take to successful AND fit, relaxed & healthy?

One part is mastering your mind: The way to think, react to stress, relax, choose positive thoughts rather than putting energy into pondering over stuff you want to change. Also, whom you surround yourself with is important. If you hang out with loud, unfocused, stressed-out people all the time, there is a good chance you catch that wave too.

Besides mastering your mental habits, your energy level depends on how you treat your body.

Personally I stuff our fridge with fresh fruit and vegetables and take a liquid Vitamin&Mineral* daily.
I have a little Yoga&Meditation routine and take a short or long brisk walk at fresh air. That’s it. Simple.

How do You treat your Body?

Read here what research suggests Tired? Lack of Energy? Can’t Concentrate?.

* I use Oxylent, the best I could find so far. The taste is right and it energizes without making me hyper, like coffee would.

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