Free holistic remedy

How come we focus more on our problems and the things we don’t like in our lives than on what we would like? Once the negativity virus has infected the brain it is very hard to quit the cycle – burnout, depression, aggression, high blood pressure, low motivation, sleeplessness, alcohol, drugs, blablabla This is theContinue reading “Free holistic remedy”

Connect with Nature

„We can only take care of nature and society if we take care of our souls.“ Satish Kumar As Walking Coach  I act as a supportive companion. I assist my clients to consciously leave the „monkey mind“ – get out of the brain into the body. Walking in the nature, total relaxation helps to discoverContinue reading “Connect with Nature”


Got no resources against boredom? People seem to be afraid of boredom. Youngsters who got nothing to do look for inspiration with drugs and alcohol. What is the problem? When my kids where little, they would say: “mommy, I am bored, can I watch TV” I would say: “Oh, you are bored, that’s great (inContinue reading “Boredom”


DEPRESSION ANXIETY versus JOY of LIFE Did you ever suffer from depression or grow up in an environment of depression, alcohol and negativity? Did you ever experience an almost constant lack of joy, energy, light, hope or air to breathe? How does undiagnosed depression correlate with • Alcohol consume • Alcohol disease • Drug abuseContinue reading “DEPRESSION ANXIETY”