Having a hard time to meditate?

Even 5 minutes meditation a day can make a huge difference in so many ways.
Why is it so hard to take 5 minutes just sitting, doing nothing?

Tired? Lack of Energy? Can’t Concentrate?

What does it take to successful AND fit, relaxed & healthy? One part is mastering your mind: The way to think, react to stress, relax, choose positive thoughts rather than putting energy into pondering over stuff you want to change. Also, whom you surround yourself with is important. If you hang out with loud, unfocused,Continue reading “Tired? Lack of Energy? Can’t Concentrate?”

How to switch FROM STRESS to EASE moment

How to switch FROM STRESS to EASE momentarily When you are AWARE that you operate under stress, take a moment and tap into a memory of a sweet, heart-warming moment. E.g. I remember the overwhelming warm feeling spending quality time with my children. You instantly change your energy from the stressed mind to the lovingContinue reading “How to switch FROM STRESS to EASE moment”

How to get relief from Depression

Living with a depressed loved one is challenging. You run the risk to become co-dependent. You will know when you realize that most of your thoughts and words cruise around the loved one. http://wp.me/Pt4fU-51