How to stay away from low Energy Input?

If you already have what you need, you need nothing that is not good for you to compensate for what you seek! I assume, if I give myself what I need at time, I don’t need to compensate with alcohol, TV etc. . For me it works as long as I am tuned-in and listenContinue reading “How to stay away from low Energy Input?”

Prepare for Winter

Get your i-pod ready with inspirational audio programmes and uplifting music that makes your heart beat higher and put your sneakers right next to the door. Whenever you realize some negative thoughts or feelings related to lack of light, cold weather, lows take a quick decision:  Just do it without thinking twice: out there andContinue reading “Prepare for Winter”

How can we stay positive?

You know these situations: you just can’t fool yourself – you are annoyed and you have a good reason to be annoyed. Your mind focused on the issue, you feel accordingly and you don’t want to fool yourself, pretend it wouldn’t bother you. How about this: remember your mind is an “organ” it is notContinue reading “How can we stay positive?”

Change to feel better

Rainy day, loads of work, too little time to manage it all? Sounds like life takes place without you and you run behind…. Take a second! IMAGINE, what you experience is just the way your mind thinks and decides to look at the situation. Imagine, you are not your mind. YOU would be about 2mContinue reading “Change to feel better”