How to get better Sleep

Sleeping problems can drive us nuts. Sleeping disorders are very common. Sleep just happens. Or it doesn't . How can we make us sleep better?

Living your Facets

Living your Facets.

10 Soul Vitamins for the Coming of Autumn

Do you know this feeling:  days are getting shorter and colder and motivation to get up drops a few degrees a day just by envisioning the season to come? Depression and #depression anxiety hit easier when the days get shorter. Less light, less social contacts, more cold. Those who suffer from the addiction to ponder [...]

Relaxation supports Healing

Meditation Techniques and positive Psychology are scientifically proven to enhance the healing process

Better Health is a choice

It is easy to be at ease on vacation or in a yoga class.... Happy and healthy in most stressfull situations? Here is a funny post how and what you can learn on tv if you know how to interpret right! 10 Stress Relieving Tips From 'Law and Order: SVU' via @mashable If you [...]

Changing unhealthy habits into good health

Change of lifestyle habits to conquer in obesity, high blood pressure, lack of motivation or burnout syndrome.

Stop gossip and slander

Why gossip and slander is bad for your quality of life

How to improve Eating Habits

Make each meal a treat! Here is to a healthy, tasty, energizing diet.

Quality of Life with Healthy Habits

How lifestyle habits improve your quality of life. Easy steps to better wellbeing by . Don't think, just DO IT!

Get an exercise routine

Every body is made to be used. Introduce an exercise routine into you life to stay fit and healthy!

Unwind and be present

How to calm the mental chatter and become relaxed and present.

Understanding Stress for Dummies

Why do you gain weight if you are under stress? Explained by