Learn to Relax

It's fun to be at your Best! Knowing how to relax -without using drugs- is a Must if you want to reach your true potential. Only a relaxed body and mind can have excellent focus and performance. How do you do that? Having a hard time to take a break? Meditation mission impossible? Start with Walking in [...]

Find your spark! 

Now what? Is this it? Time to discover your spark

How long does it take to Establish New Habits

How long does it take to establish a new habit? In a study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, Lally, a health psychology researcher at University College London and her team researched how long it actually takes to form a habit. The study examined the habits of 96 people over a 12-week period. Each person chose one new [...]

Are Relationships hard Work?

Christmas time! We spend more time together. In many places this time of love becomes a time of conflict and a real testing ground of your love of and to your partner.   Why is that?   Simply because we spend more time together and have more opportunity for conflict and growth. The work is [...]


Lost in thinking, thinking, thinking? Can't shut off? Sometimes it takes very little to make a real change...

BE yourself – Balance free by Nature

Report of how a 3 months jungle experience impacts life - being present, being yourself, balance by nature

Feel Happy!

What if there were no excuses to be unhappy or depressed other than, this is just unconscious habit?

Longterm Weight Management

How to lose weight and keep a healthy weight longterm

What if you don’t Love what you Do?

Some time ago, I posted "Love what you do". But what if you just don't love what you do? Personally I believe there is a lesson in every situation, so if you just quit and hope you get a better job , you might miss the message and repeat the issue. If there is any truth in "what you [...]

Habits are key: Tony Robbins’ 5 Keys to Thrive

Living the life you want is all about good habits. Walking is the first one to start the day according to super-motivator Tony Robbins. Read here

Why Focus on the Path

Weight Loss and Stress Management is a chance to enhance your quality of life for good while enjoying the process. http://yaduma.com

Prepare for Success

How to successfully reach your health goals and maintain them