short story: Wise minister used to say to King “Everything is for our good” every time whether it is happiness or sorrow. Refreshing his sword skills he accidentially cut his little finger. “Everything is for ourgood”minister says. Angry king puts him in jail. Again “Everything is for our good”. A few days later hunting in the woods he gets kept Kali wanting to sacrifice a full man to the Goddess. In the last minute the chief change of mint: he lacks a finger, he is not full. They release him. King remembers minister’s words and runs home to rescue minister from execution, begging pardon. Minister responds if he had not been put in prison, he should have accompanied the king to the forest. The tribals should have sacrificed him (the minister) since he has all the limbs and that’s how it was good for him too. Everything is for the good, if we like it or not ;)))


“In our daily lives, we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but the gratefulness that makes us happy.”
–Albert Clarke

In other words: look out and be aware of the little tiny beautiful things out there, they make you- as soon as you see them- really happy;)

Learning by doing

From fantasy to creativity and development a large step is missing: Action – the courage to make the things differently. To commit an error means to expose yourself to possible new problems, setback and to be rejected. Thus we prefer not to change and not improve easily. However, errors and problems offer the actual learning chances. In this sense: Courage for change!

Do you know how Addiction happens?

Addiction is a chemical process of the compensation system of the mind. Something gives you more pleasure than not doing it: Alcohol, drugs, extreme sports, Internet, work, sweets. Problem: you lost control and are not really free to decide anymore + the mind adopts quickly to the new feeling, so in order to get the same effect of wellbeing you the mind asks for more. If you realize a habit that you are not really free to control an which is limiting you a lot in other aspects of your life, take the decision to LEARN how to control your mind and find out, what it really is that you are looking for! At Yaduma we cooperate with Specialists for any kind of problem.

Feeling low?

You may have all reason to feel low. However, it does not help you. See how it effects you when you help others by giving something away. A Euro to a man who lives in the street, a smile coming from the heart to someone who does not receive much affection in his life – there are possibilities. It happens to me and I believe this is a human law: we are here to share. You send a little bit of positive energy out there and we all share it, you included.


You know this feeling: you are absolutely mad about so many things, that don’t work right and you feel, like you are the only one to care. You cannot change the others, but you can change yourself:
Your awareness: become aware of what is actually happening inside of you, your thoughts, your emotions, become conscious of some odd limiting beliefs that are no longer adequate in your today’s life. Next time you feel low, take it as an invitation to look inside and change. And if you don’t see nothing clear, get assistance. We are here to support!

Happy Easter!

A few days off, what a treat…
Take the opportunity to contemplate and reconnect with yourself:
What is really important for you? What is your goal in life? Why are you here? Big questions and some need a long time to become clear. And everybody has to find out by himself.

Just one thing: You are not here to suffer! If there is anything, that does not work out so well for you, e.g. stress, constant lack of time, feeling physically or mentally weak or lacking motivation ….. use these circumstances as an impulse and an invitation to improve your situation! You are not alone. People are to support each other, assist, help, motivate.

At Yaduma, we are here to support you on your path to a better quality of life. This is our mission.

Happy Easter!

How can we stay positive?

You know these situations: you just can’t fool yourself – you are annoyed and you have a good reason to be annoyed. Your mind focused on the issue, you feel accordingly and you don’t want to fool yourself, pretend it wouldn’t bother you.

How about this: remember your mind is an “organ” it is not yourself – a thinking device. Your emotions are a “chemical reaction” reaction to that something that bothered you. And now comes your “true self” this unique energy, essence of you –  imagine, you are more than body and mind and you are not the horse but the rider that can decide and direct in every moment to change. It is not easy because we tend to identify with our thoughts and feelings, but it works!

Using problems

Imagine: you love problems 😉

Life is a constant change. We face situations and need to deal with them. Children are curious about new situations and paths to discover. As adults, we easily seem to expect trouble and hard work when a problem occurs.

Here is the challenge: Change your pespective! Imagine: what importance you would give to a certain problem that appears very hard to manage today in 10 or 20 years, looking back?

No time?

Take your time!

doctors recommend

The day your health forces you to stop involuntarily you find out: we have all the same amount of time.

Say NO if it makes sense and take a break voluntarily! In order to be able to prioritize you need some distance from your duties. A 5-10 minute break is enough to go outside, get some fresh air, breath deeply, open you eyes and get a clear mind: What is really important and urgent right now and here in my situation?

Giving over  1000 Coaching sessions I suggest: more short breaks and NO’s are VERY beneficial for your health, professional success, relationship and liver 😉

Change to feel better

Rainy day, loads of work, too little time to manage it all?
Sounds like life takes place without you and you run behind….

Take a second! IMAGINE, what you experience is just the way your mind thinks and decides to look at the situation. Imagine, you are not your mind. YOU would be about 2m tall and your real being is on top, energy above your head, not just your mind. So YOU, being the energy above your physical existence will start to observe this body and mind now: running behind the duties, having a hard time to complete all the things that it has actually made up in the mind itself.

Looks like a movie- the typical stress person with no control over what is happening with him.
Stay 2m tall and keep on observing! See what happens and exchange your ideas with others to get a wider picture of what is real.

Suffering from backache?

At some point we lost the natural desire to move when we felt like, so now we just sit and keep on working until our backpain reminds us. Here some remedies:

1. Move more – use your body, go for a walk in the break, walk to the store, get up every once in a while…

2. Exercise – not only abs and dorsal muscles but especially interior muscle groups you do not see, interior muscles like pelvic muscles

3. Relax – before your body gets tense from using your brain in multitasking mode for hours, breathe, relax your shoulders, smile

At YADUMA we teach special interior muscle workout during Walking sessions. You can do these in the car, sitting at your desk, walking… it takes little time to learn, is easy to do, but YOU need to do it.

Next time your back aches take it as a clear sign to take the decision to change something;)
Choose a healthy vacation to change the chip- get inspired, have some fun, become active, be the master of your life – yaduma programs take place on Majorca are designed to assist you

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