How can I improve my creativity?     Am I creative?

Everybody is creative. Creativity means the capacity to have ideas and the ability to create. It is a human quality. Some are better trained to use their creativity than others. Some are used to focus on other talents more than on their creativity due to their interests or education.

Creativity requires the right setting and state of mind. Relaxation techniques, self-hypnosis, physical exercise and mental coaching can improve your creativity. Observing your thoughts, limiting the“must”s and “should”s are one step. Training concentration and a big variety of inspirations promote the creative flow.

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How to stay away from low Energy Input?

If you already have what you need, you need nothing that is not good for you to compensate for what you seek!

I assume, if I give myself what I need at time, I don’t need to compensate with alcohol, TV etc. . For me it works as long as I am tuned-in and listen inside. Little rituals such mini-meditation, relaxation techniques  or even slow walks improve my ability to stay tuned-in.

Prepare for Winter

Get your i-pod ready with inspirational audio programmes and uplifting music that makes your heart beat higher and put your sneakers right next to the door. Whenever you realize some negative thoughts or feelings related to lack of light, cold weather, lows take a quick decision:  Just do it without thinking twice: out there and move your body!!! You may jog or walk, as long and intense as you feel like, just do it!

This is how I do it: winter in Mallorca is smooth and yet humid. Those days I felt uncomfortable – bones feel humidity, circulation slow, cold hands, thinking: gosh, winter is coming! So I take my i-pod, put my jogging shoes on and go out there – what counts is that I do it today, no matter how long, intense, walk or jog.

In case you don’t manage yet, no problem!! You have just realized that your mind is sabotaging you by finding excuses.

And that is a great step!!!

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Have a good day!

I mean: You have the choice, choose to set you mind to have a good day – feel the good-day-feeling right now, and concntrate to stay tuned in! Practise, practise, practise!!! 🙂  When you run into a negative feeling throughout the day, just observe it, accept it and concentrate to go back to your initial state.


Spirituality and personal well-being

Many cultures practice prayer and spiritual rituals and believe it affects their health (for example Christianity).

Spirituality plays a central role in self-help movements such as Alcoholics Anonymous: “…if an alcoholic failed to perfect and enlarge his spiritual life through work and self-sacrifice for others, he could not survive the certain trials and low spots ahead….”

If spirituality is understood as the search for or the development of inner peace or the foundations of happiness, then spiritual practice of some kind is essential for personal well being. This activity may or may not include belief in supernatural beings. If one has such a belief and feels that relationship to such beings is the foundation of happiness then spiritual practice will be pursued on that basis: if one has no such belief spiritual practice is still essential for the management and understanding of thoughts and emotions which otherwise prevent happiness. Many techniques and practices developed and explored in religious contexts, such as meditation, are immensely valuable in themselves as skills for managing health and aspects of the inner life.

laugh and play

…. it’s not hard, it’s very healthy and it does not hurt!

time to laugh - everyday!

time to laugh everyday! Just do it. Do it regularly and enjoy!!! (forgot the sientific research source of this one)

2step solution

1. Reserve 30 minutes a day for your worries. 2. In this time take a nap


short story: Wise minister used to say to King “Everything is for our good” every time whether it is happiness or sorrow. Refreshing his sword skills he accidentially cut his little finger. “Everything is for ourgood”minister says. Angry king puts him in jail. Again “Everything is for our good”. A few days later hunting in the woods he gets kept Kali wanting to sacrifice a full man to the Goddess. In the last minute the chief change of mint: he lacks a finger, he is not full. They release him. King remembers minister’s words and runs home to rescue minister from execution, begging pardon. Minister responds if he had not been put in prison, he should have accompanied the king to the forest. The tribals should have sacrificed him (the minister) since he has all the limbs and that’s how it was good for him too. Everything is for the good, if we like it or not ;)))


“In our daily lives, we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but the gratefulness that makes us happy.”
–Albert Clarke

In other words: look out and be aware of the little tiny beautiful things out there, they make you- as soon as you see them- really happy;)

Learning by doing

From fantasy to creativity and development a large step is missing: Action – the courage to make the things differently. To commit an error means to expose yourself to possible new problems, setback and to be rejected. Thus we prefer not to change and not improve easily. However, errors and problems offer the actual learning chances. In this sense: Courage for change!

Do you know how Addiction happens?

Addiction is a chemical process of the compensation system of the mind. Something gives you more pleasure than not doing it: Alcohol, drugs, extreme sports, Internet, work, sweets. Problem: you lost control and are not really free to decide anymore + the mind adopts quickly to the new feeling, so in order to get the same effect of wellbeing you the mind asks for more. If you realize a habit that you are not really free to control an which is limiting you a lot in other aspects of your life, take the decision to LEARN how to control your mind and find out, what it really is that you are looking for! At Yaduma we cooperate with Specialists for any kind of problem.

Feeling low?

You may have all reason to feel low. However, it does not help you. See how it effects you when you help others by giving something away. A Euro to a man who lives in the street, a smile coming from the heart to someone who does not receive much affection in his life – there are possibilities. It happens to me and I believe this is a human law: we are here to share. You send a little bit of positive energy out there and we all share it, you included.

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