What is the motivation behind your decision?

Every day we make hundreds of small or big decisions. Every step is a kind of decision. Lacking clarity of what forces drive you and where you are heading to leads to confusion and a sense of feeling lost, both in business and private life. You experience that sensation as soon as you allow aContinue reading “What is the motivation behind your decision?”

The Westerner Syndrome

How to find harmony and contentment in demanding circumstances

Today is the perfect day to CHANGE!

90% of people don’t want to change and yet 70% are unhappy with their situation in some way or another. You wouldn’t believe how many people are not content with their work situation, counting the years to retirement. It is sad to spend a lifetime running from one goal to another without being able to enjoy the process.Continue reading “Today is the perfect day to CHANGE!”

The Power of Mind Set

“Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.” ― Albert Einstein That’s obvious! Who wouldn’t agree with Albert Einstein: you don’t create wealth with a mind set of poverty awareness. You won’t act like a winner if you think of yourself as a loser. You won’t innovate your business if you stick toContinue reading “The Power of Mind Set”

Personalities to Go

  Dream up a good life! What stands in the way, if not our idea about it? You know how roles in life can make us change personality – one as friend, one as a worker, one as a parent/child/sibling, one as a holiday-maker e.t.c.. Imagine the conflict inside one and the same human being switchingContinue reading “Personalities to Go”

Self- Respect

Did you ever wonder, what it is that keeps you from getting what you want? How many people feel trapped in a mouse-wheel? How many people become sick and tired of their life/style? Coaching and training helps us change ourselves. We support you. You do the work. You can do it yourself.  It takes asking the rightContinue reading “Self- Respect”

Training the Mind versus Struggle

Do you know the story of the eagle egg that happened to be placed into a hen’s nest and grew up with chickens, thinking of itself as a chicken? This is what happens, when we identify with our story and upbringing instead of realizing our true being, essence, potentials: We become prisoners of the past andContinue reading “Training the Mind versus Struggle”

Become Life!

Become Life! What keeps us from enjoying life fully? In 90% of our clients and ourselves it is old memories, mental, behavioral and emotional patterns, old limiting beliefs and attitudes running in the system without ever being detected. The SELF-IMAGE we have of ourselves determines our SELF CONFIDENCE, how we show up in life, howContinue reading “Become Life!”

Coaching in Nature

Check this out from LEAP the coachingmovie blog: “More and more scientific research demonstrates the health benefits for humans to spend time with and in nature. So could this apply to coaching conversations? The answer is a resounding yes. For over five years I have been offering many types of coaching conversations outside and theContinue reading “Coaching in Nature”

Success is who we become

As Coaches we work with clients who want to change something about their lives or companies who what to enhance their employees’ performance. What does success mean? The other day I was having a hot chocolate in a coffeeshop that serves mainly foreign clients. Instead of getting a hot chocolate I got a chocolate pudding.Continue reading “Success is who we become”