How can we stay positive?

You know these situations: you just can’t fool yourself – you are annoyed and you have a good reason to be annoyed. Your mind focused on the issue, you feel accordingly and you don’t want to fool yourself, pretend it wouldn’t bother you. How about this: remember your mind is an “organ” it is notContinue reading “How can we stay positive?”

Using problems

Imagine: you love problems 😉 Life is a constant change. We face situations and need to deal with them. Children are curious about new situations and paths to discover. As adults, we easily seem to expect trouble and hard work when a problem occurs. Here is the challenge: Change your pespective! Imagine: what importance youContinue reading “Using problems”

De-stress & observe your body reactions

…. an easy thing to do, but hard to remember…. next time when getting into an unpleasant situation that causes stress do this: Observe your breath, observe your shoulders, muscles all over the body, especially neck area and also the face. Release all muscles and: smile! Anything changes???